All-Breed Dog Boarding

… along with cats, special-needs pets, and exotics.

All-Breed Dog Grooming

Does your fur baby
need a makeover?
Grooming now available
7 days a week!

Agility Classes

Whether your pet is a beginner, a canine athlete, or just wants to have fun, we’ve got agility classes for all levels.

Dock Diving – Make a Splash

The most fun of all dogs sports — for handlers, too


A well-behaved dog:  PRICELESS!

Disc Dogs Fly Higher

Nose Works

Put your dog’s incredible nose to good use!

The Story Behind Bradenton DogStars

... possibly the oldest continuously operating kennel in Florida!

According to Bradenton lore, the kennel we call DogStars has been in existence for about 65 years. It is even mentioned in John McDonald’s famous Travis McGee series.

It started with a house in what was, then, the ‘country.’ That house is now home to our catterie and a new house was built on the property sometime in the 1990s.

Then came the main kennel with 30+ air-conditioned indoor/outdoor kennel runs. Next came a separate air-conditioned building just for little dogs.

Then came agility fields, a covered pavilion, and a competition-level dock-diving pool.

Of course, over the years, we’ve updated, replaced, and made improvements, but it still has that old Florida look and charm.

Boarding Options

... your pet's home away from home!

DOGS … our best friends!

We love all kinds of dogs, big and small. We even have a special building just for our small canine friends.

We also have a suite in our main kennel that allows more than one dog from the same family to bunk together and play outside together in our fenced-in yard.

Cats … (dogs have masters / cats have staff … yes, we know)

Cats enjoy their time in our catterie. No annoying dogs, peace and quiet, and somebody to attend to their daily needs. We have kitty condos with benches and many with a view to the outside deck. Whether you have one or more cats, they are welcome at DogStars.

Exotic Pets

DogStars has had many unusual guests over the years: parrots, reptiles, sugar gliders, turtles, and more. Bring your own cage, aquarium, and special diet, and we will gladly welcome your exotic pets.

Sorry, we don’t accept tigers (not even baby tigers) … yes, we’ve been asked. This is, after all, Florida!

Special-Needs Pets

We can accommodate almost any special-needs pet of any kind. We know how to administer insulin, give pills, and other medication.

We have even had dogs that needed a helping hand (and a sling) to go outside.

We take of these special pets just as we do for our own: on schedule and compassionately,

Please feel free to call us (941-747-446600 to discuss your pet’s special needs. We want to be sure that we can meet your pets needs before we book a reservation.

Disclaimer:  There are some dogs and cats (regardless of breed) that do not do well in boarding situations. Acceptance of a boarding reservation will be at the discretion of our staff members. If, for any reason, our kennel staff does not feel comfortable caring for your pet, we will tell you in advance and suggest some other boarding facilities that will better meet your needs.

Training & Dog Sports

Everything to keep you & your dog happy!


Every minute you spend with your dog is a “trainable moment”; either you are training your dog or your dog is training you. Obedience classes based on positive rewards help you and your dog form a forever bond of mutual respect.


Agility is a competitive sport that is not only fun for you and your dog, it’s the perfect activity for dogs who “need a job.” Come join us under the lights. We have classes for beginners all the way through competition levels.

Nose Work

Nose Work is the fun search and scenting activity for virtually all dogs and people. As your dog grows more confident with his nose, target odors are introduced, and competition skills are taught.

Disc Dogs

Playing a game of chase, catch, and fetch with your dog is an amazing way to train skills and build the bond between handler and dog.

Dock Diving

DogStars is the home for Florida West Coast Air Dogs. Whether your dog is a beginner or ready to compete, come for a splash or just to watch. It’s amazing!

Sports Conditioning

If your dog participates in sports, working with Fitpaws™ and other special equipment, will give themt the extra boost and confidence they need to succeed.

If this is your dog and you don’t

know where to start, let us help!

Just call us at 941-747-4466.


If we don’t have a class that would 

help, we will probably be able to 

refer you to other resources. 

Hey! What's Up?

News and Mews
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Help to Keep Your Dog Calm this Summer

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Daily Outside Activities for Boarders at DogStars

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