Upon registration for any of our classes, you will receive a detailed list of equipment.

Here’s a few things you need for every DogStars’ Obedience class:

  • All classes are held outside
  • If we are experiencing thunderstorms, we will cancel class (not because we might get wet, but because it is hard for dogs to focus if they are afraid)
  • Closed toe / heal shoes (i.e., no sandals)
  • A 4 or 6 foot leash (no flexis)
  • A buckle or martingale-type collar
  • Soft, yummy treats
  • Enthusiasm

Beginner Agility

This is where the fun begins. We start with simple obstacle that just for beginner dogs, such as going up a short flight of stairs and walking over a low, wide bridge to prepare them to eventually tackle the full-size dogwalk. We have tiny teeters, A-frames, tire hoops, and much more for beginners. We are laying a strong foundation for more advanced classes … and it works. Dogs and their human partners gain confidence while having fun.

Intermediate Agility

When your dog is ready, we begin to introduce the full-size agility equipment and start putting together more than short runs that involve more than one obstacle. This is a learning process for both dogs and their handlers. Very often, dogs take this course more than once. Again, it’s importance to lay the foundation and learn the footwork to go forward with advanced training.

Competition Agility

This course is for people and dogs who know what they are doing, but need to practice and perfect their techniques to achieve their competition goals. This class is ongoing.

Agility Field Rental

Getting ready for an agility trial or just need some extra practice time, you can rent our field

For more information and rates, call Barb Lentz at 941-374-9663 (before 10 pm, please)