Nose Work Classes

Nosework is a fun and natural activity to engage with your dog. Dogs are by nature sniffing creatures, so why not utilize this natural instinct to have some fun and stimulate mental exercise. This is a venue that can accommodate all types and styles of dogs. From low energy/drive to high energy/drive. Each dog learns at their own pace and in their own style. Some dogs utilize food reward, some utilize a toy reward.

Level 1 dogs will be imprinted on the first odor (Birch) and will begin to build hunt and dedication to the odor.

Level 2 dogs will be a continuation of Level 1, building on the knowledge, learning tactics, and attaining a final indication. Imprinting of second odor (Anise)

Level 3 dogs (Advance) dogs should have the beginnings of or a solid final indication. More difficult problems and problem solving techniques. Imprinting of third odor (Clove)